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The steward next approached to take his leave, but in doing so, had nearly biografia de robert hooke with a fatal accident. It had been the pleasure of Raoul, who was in biografia de robert hooke own disposition cross-grained, and in person rheumatic, to accommodate himself with an biografia de robert hooke Arab horse, which had been kept for the sake of the breed, as lean, and almost as lame as himself, and biografia de robert hooke a temper as vicious as that of a fiend. Betwixt the rider and the horse was a constant misunderstanding, testified on Raouls part by oaths, rough checks with the curb, and severe digging with the spurs, which Mahound so paganishly was the horse named answered by plunging, bounding, and endeavouring by all expedients to unseat his rider, as well as striking and lashing out furiously at whatever else approached him. It was thought by many of the household, that Raoul preferred this vicious cross-tempered animal upon all occasions when he travelled in company with his wife, in order to take advantage by the chance, that amongst the various kicks, plunges, gambades, lashings out, and other eccentricities of Mahound, his heels might come in contact with Dame Gillians ribs. And now, when as the important steward spurred up his palfrey to kiss his young ladys hand, and to take his leave, it seemed to the bystanders as if Raoul so managed his bridle and spur, that Mahound jerked out his hoofs at the same moment, one of which coming in contact with the stewards thigh, would have splintered it like a rotten reed, had the parties been a couple of inches nearer to each other.
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